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International PHP Conference and webinale Conference in Berlin

Berlin, March 03, 2017
The event
The International PHP Conference and webinale conference take place between May 29 and June 2 in Berlin and offer you the chance to attend more than 90 sessions and keynotes. The conferences consist of seven core tracks: PHP Development, JavaScript, Web Design, Agile & DevOps, Architecture, Testing & Quality, Online Marketing, User Experience and Business Innovation. In addition to the core tracks, the IPC and webinale cover topics such as Microservices, Modern Architecture, Machine Learning and Web Design.
The power workshops
The all-day power workshops open (May 29) and close (June 2) the two conferences. During the workshops, participants will work closely with experts on specific topics in order to learn more about new methods and techniques. The topics range from PHP Development and Web Architecture to Growth Hacking. PHP and web professionals, including Peter Kröner, Ralf Egert, Wim Godden, Sebastian Springer and Hen drik Lennarz will share their best practices with the attendees.
On Sunday, May 29, web developer Ralf Eggert is going to guide the participants through the creation process of the web application framework Zend Framework 3. As a hands-on result of this workshop, the participants will be able to develop their own ZendExpressive-Application. Peter Kröner will highlight the problems of tomorrow's responsive web design and will present various new web standards and ideas that try to solve these problems.
On Thursday, October 27, Wim Godden will provide participants with everything they need to know about deploying PHP in its network environment. Software architect Sebastian Springer will explain how to write tests in existing applications. The goal of this workshop is to raise awareness of the available tools that will make application testing effortless. With Hendrik Lennarz, the participants are going to deep dive into the agile methods of Growth Hacking and will learn how to stay strategically focused in the everyday routine.
The expo
In addition to the conference program, International PHP Conference and webinale attendees will be able to join the Expo between May 30 - 31, where innovative companies from the IT industry present their services and products. Participants will also have the opportunity to develop their professional network and interact with speakers, industry representatives and other conference participants at selected evening events.
Participants who register until March 16 can save up to 525 Euro.
For more information about the International PHP Conference, visit the website: is external)

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